What Size Surfboard Should I Get?

So you have decided to take the plunge and get your own board, and you might be wondering “what size surfboard should I get?” – well hopefully this handy guide will help you make a decision! Please bear in mind that this is just a little bit of basic, general …

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The Best Surfboard Brands In The World

Determining the best surfboard brands is a bit tricky. With surfboards, like with any other sport or activity, some brands will be the major players in the industry, some will stand out more than others, there will be a few great independent options and which of these is the best, …

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What Are The Best Surfboards For Beginners?

We’re taking a look at the best surfboards for beginners. And if you’re new to surfing, it is definitely best to start with a beginner-friendly board. You wouldn’t learn to drive in an expensive sports car – the same principle applies to learning to surf. I would also add that …

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How To Remove Wax From A Surfboard

We all want to keep our brand spanking new surfboards looking as shiny as possible for as long as possible. So to give you the best chance of that it is important to know how to remove wax from a surfboard. Why Do We Need To Remove Surfboard Wax? Well …

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