Best Surfboard Storage Racks

It’s time to take a look at the best surfboard storage racks to protect, safely store (and maybe even show off) your surfboards when you’re not out on the water! When it comes to surfboard storage racks, you want something that is secure, spaced out but still give you quick …

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The Complete Guide To Wetsuit Care And Cleaning

Follow our handy wetsuit care and cleaning guide to make sure you get the most out of your wetsuit and keep it lasting for longer! If you have a good surfing wetsuit (and if you don’t we have a great guide on the best wetsuits for surfing) then you want …

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How To Remove Wax From A Wetsuit

Learn how to remove wax from a wetsuit to keep your suit looking clean and as new as possible. Let’s be honest. Your board will have wax on it, and with you paddling on it, getting on and off it, and popping up, some of that wax is more than …

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All About Surfboard Wax

Surfboard wax – also commonly just called surf wax – is an essential part of any surfer’s toolkit. What Is Surfboard Wax? Surfboard wax is a synthetic wax, usually made up of paraffin, beeswax or other hard waves. Occasionally some will have jelly added to make a softer wax. Then …

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What Are The Best Surfboard Car Racks?

Surfboards, as beautiful as they are, can be a pain to travel with so sticking them on top of your car is often a wise move. We take a look at the best surfboard car racks to make your surfboard travel a little bit easier. Why Do You Need A Surfboard …

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Find Out The Best Wetsuits For Surfing

We’re taking a look at the best wetsuits for surfing, which are essential for most of us to be able to surf year round. We don’t all live somewhere that never gets cold, and if you do, you have no idea how jealous I am! The Different Types Of Wetsuit The …

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How To Remove Wax From A Surfboard

We all want to keep our brand spanking new surfboards looking as shiny as possible for as long as possible. So to give you the best chance of that it is important to know how to remove wax from a surfboard. Why Do We Need To Remove Surfboard Wax? Well …

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What Are The Best Surf Watches Around?

Just a quick note before we get into the juice of this article. We’re talking specifically about surf watches for men here. If you are after women’s surf watches, we are working on something for you at the time of writing this! If you love to surf then a good …

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